Wan optimization

The performance of internet-based networks, both private and public, are critical to all businesses operating in a multinational context. The Wide Area Network (WAN) connects people, applications and data, to enable the realization of the business.

Through WAN optimization solutions, organizations operate more quickly and efficiently, thanks to an improvement of the performance and the delivery of services. Strengthening of IT assets from remote locations in the Data Center helps to reduce costs and complexity of the entire infrastructure. Moving data and applications in remote offices, often introduces latency and a high dependency on the efficiency of the network.

The change from point- to-point networks to MPLS networks (Multi Protocol Label Switching) or Cloud Networking presents new challenges in the distribution of applications, requiring a rapid response on the part that depend on the distribution of packages. The causes of a slow throughput in geographic are usually well known: high delay (caused by latency), limited bandwidth, and protocols that often generate redundant traffic.

Large companies spend a large portion of their IT budget on storage and networking, often to compensate for problems caused by a slow throughput, buying servers and storage backup locally.

The offer of N.B. Service enables the customer to consolidate and centralize the key IT resources, allowing you to streamline costs, streamline business processes and improve productivity.