Today, the traffic generated by video converges on the corporate network and requires specific skills to configure the system properly; not only large companies are looking for an easier way to manage the video infrastructure.

Market trends show that video-communication must be accessible from each endpoint, such as traditional meeting rooms, smartphones, tablets, and even the on board PC client.

Today, video communication technologies allow full interoperability between business users and external users. Not only that, the consolidation of these resources is also achieved with the integration of video conferencing with unified communication software.

N.B. Service takes care of everything related to a corporate video communication system, from the provision of infrastructure software to the design of room automation systems, delivering the client a “turnkey” project.

Automation and control of room devices are the new demands of business, with which the information systems of a large company should be able to cope. Within this context, N.B. Service proposes solutions for environmental energy efficiency, lighting management, heating, ventilation, climate control, alarm monitoring and centralized integrated control of different applications.