Increasingly, the infrastructure monitoring is an essential component for the efficiency of help-desk activities and investment protection. N.B. Service offers a proactive network management. Operating parameters related to hardware components, network traffic, application service levels and traffic between virtual machines in the data centre are all verified through monitoring.

The monitoring approach of N.B. Service has evolved. N.B. Service has a wide range of tools that can meet diversified needs, from the physical layer to the application layer, delivering highly personalized tools to stakeholders with different responsibilities within the organization.

Concerning the physical layer, N.B. Service engineers open source solutions to obtain of information about the status of devices, integrating services and alarms in real time and historical reporting.

On the application layer, it proceeds with a mapping of services, the interdependency chains of applications and the mode of communication between the applications themselves and the network.

Through integration with tools of Deep Packet Inspection, we look for any inconsistency and problem that may generate lower levels of service or, in the worst case, errors, malware and non-compliance of protocols.

Our company also offer a service to streamline monitoring tool, to ensure optimal use and provide effective reporting procedures at the service of the Incident Management.

The provision of a monitoring tool starts from a thorough Needs Analysis, where our specialists seek to involve both operational users and Senior managers. The goal is to work together to achieve highly customized dashboards and reports.