The support through which data is transmitted within a local area network includes active and passive components; these components must be carefully designed to meet specific requirements and open to future development and expansion. In addition, our staff takes into account primary requirements such as redundancy and high reliability.

The new needs of the large enterprise business lead to re-engineer network architecture with the acquisition of next generation devices.

From a technical point of view, N.B. Service is committed to providing reliable tested and certified infrastructure to allow construction of plants in a simplified topology.

Not all obsolete networks require investments to achieve improvements in performance; the modeling of installed components is a business consultancy that enables the reuse of infrastructure currently in use.

From a commercial point of view, investment protection is accomplished through detailed feasibility studies, budgeting and ROI analysis.

N.B. Service has developed services for LAN and WAN check-up, Problem Solving, Performance Evaluation functional both to existing customers than to new potential customers. As a result of these activities, detailed documentation and layout of a computer system is released to the customer.