Data Center

Nowadays data centre consists of a set of equipment that allows users access to complex applications everywhere and at any time. NB Service can take care of all the aspects: needs analysis, design, implementation, testing and commissioning of advanced data centre environments, which are designed to manage increasing complexity and new needs. As a system integrator, N.B. Service can deliver the project in a “turnkey” mode and offers its services as a technological partner.

The complexity of a data centre construction project is a major factor, especially because it involves many different technological areas. To meet the specific needs of a data centre’s architectural design and computer environment, the customer must work with a system integrator able to take charge of the implementation of each part of the project. N.B. Service employs its expertise in the preparation of uninterruptible power supplies, structured cabling, intelligent climate control systems, networking, servers and storage. Additionally, N.B. Service’s cooperation with the largest leasing companies allows the customer to acquire the equipment necessary without being liable for high start-up costs, rationalizing the investment in a medium or long term financial strategy.

While designing a data centre we evaluate the aspects related to consumption and environmental sustainability, providing an efficient infrastructure and using equipment with reduced energy consumption.

Acquired skills and continuous technical staff training enable us to tackle the project, leaving the customer the opportunity to choose and adapt market standards to the specific needs of the business.