Contact Center

Customer service consists of a series of activities that a company prepares to enable customers to be followed during the proposition, sale, and servicing of a product. Increasing the efficiency of customer service is crucial to achieving and maintaining a leadership position. The key element of the company’s successful customer service is the Contact Centre.

N.B. Service is a strategic contact centre solutions supplier, in particular for medium and large companies. One of the strengths of our offering is to ensure full cooperation between the customer and all the staff dedicated to the specific project, both technical and commercial.

During needs analysis activities, all areas concerned with customer service are involved: marketing, sales, back & front office, information systems and human resources. Balancing a consistent proposition with the real needs of a business is a crucial in ensuring customer satisfaction and a fast return on investment.

We set ourselves a question: what does the customer service of medium/large enterprises expect from a new contact centre technology?

Simplicity: a technology that is simple to install, integrate, initiate and manage. Complex and expensive solutions are easily abandoned.

Multi-channel: an integrated multi-channel platform. Today’s customers must be able to engage the operator not only through the traditional voice channel, but also through new ways of interaction.

Modelling: a contact centre infrastructure that includes the use of PBX, Media Gateway and Communication Server already in production at the customer’s premises, which does not require technological upheavals on voice business.

Modularity and Scalability: a modular offer with core capabilities that meet must-have needs, clearly separated from optional features, planned and implemented in future development scenarios. In addition, the contact centre must be able to grow to meet the needs of the business. NB Service provides products with a granular and scalable licensing.

Workforce Optimization: an effective rationalization of operational resources; the possibility of training and deploying specialized contact centre agents better prepared to handle the specific needs of increasingly demanding and varied customers.