The now widespread use of computer systems highlights the important role of networks for every type of company. It is therefore necessary to adopt effective tools and methodologies for the design, implementation and management of network infrastructure.

From the early stages onwards, N.B. Service’s offer in the networking area includes an active involvement in auditing action, needs analysis, research and final network design.

Our design Team is made up of technicians/engineers specialized in network design, with skills ranging from basic campus to the data centre, touching on all the topics that make up our offer.

N.B. Service has the required know-how to design the best solutions for networking and the maintenance of networks and distributed architectures; moreover our company also adopts the best analysis techniques to produce projects that focus on timeliness, functionality, and budget adherence.

The most prestigious topic on which N.B. Service mainly focuses its investment is training related to the design and scalability of networks. Our design offer comes complete with skills pertaining to the world of security infrastructure, VoIP, Video Conferencing, Structured Cabling systems, Contact Centre infrastructure and WAN Optimization.