Products and technologies designed for information security are the fundamental building blocks for the construction of any company’s safety system; to be assembled and organized in appropriate ways still requires an essential consultancy component.

To be real and effective, security must be perceived as a dynamic and global feature of a company, and needs to take organizational, social and legal aspects into account.

The contribution of consulting a partner allows the customer to pursue an integrated approach to security, with due consideration for:

Technical aspects: physical and logical security
Strategic aspects: objectives and corporate budgets, cost analysis, risk assessment and its impacts, training and management costs
Organizational aspects: definition of roles, training and procedures,
Legal: laws and recommendations, compliance and international standards
Our offer in IT Security is characterized by a wide range of products, solutions and services, backed by the quality and professionalism of our staff.

Infrastructure Security

Turnkey solutions for network security, servers and endpoints through the design, installation and configuration of UTM (Unified Threat Management) equipment, Enterprise Firewall, Web Security, Log Management, Network/Host Intrusion Prevention System and Network Access Control.

The solutions identified may require the use of hardware, software material and services supplied by different manufacturers, specialized in fulfilling a specific task.

Application Security

Targeted solutions for the defence of enterprise applications and data protection. Design, installation and configuration of Web Application Firewall and Advanced Threat Protection systems.

The service is provided in continuity with the exhibition of new web applications, working with the customer to ensure that the timing and manner of putting the new applications into production are consistent with the needs of the business.


Risk and Privacy Assessment, ISO 27001 certification and DPS drafting.
Forensic Analysis
PKI design and implementation
Integration and implementation of secure applications both on and off the Web
Solutions for Identity and Access Management
Network assessment, Vulnerability Analysis Systems, Auditing, Monitoring and Evaluation Action
Network Security, Network Intrusion Detection and Firewall Management