Professional Services

Professionalism is the term that best describes the work that is done every day in our company.

For each project, our experts offer the ideal solution for the customer in terms of effectiveness, efficiency and investment protection.

From the earliest stages of design, the collaboration between our technicians and the customer ensures a highly customized solution, tailored to meet specific needs.

After-sales service and monitoring ensure optimum safety and continuity in the operational phases of the work.


N.B. Service can provide its customers with complete and detailed analysis of the proposed solution, giving visibility and importance to the technical and budgetary part of the hardware, software and services necessary for the proper completion of the project.

N.B. Service offering expects an active involvement from the early stages of the solution’s design with audits, needs analysis, research and design.


Our approach ensures the proper implementation of all ICT solutions, following the best practices of each specific technology used.

What sets us apart is the ability to optimize the time of installation and testing. N.B. Service is a partner for the supply of high-value services such as Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.


Investment protection is a fundamental value both for the customer and for NB Service, building a long-term relationship between the customer and the system integrator. With this in mind we have developed monitoring solutions for the proactive management of alarms and rapid resolution of problems.

Together with training, monitoring and maintenance, with a high availability of spare components, constitute the hallmarks of our offer.

In every project N.B. Service transfers skills to the customer for the self-management of operational issues through field training, baby-sitting and the organization of specialized workshops.