Data Center

Nowadays Data Centre consists of a set of equipment that allows users access to complex applications anywhere and at any time.

NB Service can take care of all the aspects: needs analysis, design, implementation, testing and commissioning of advanced Data Centre environments, which are designed to manage the increasing complexity and new needs (in terms of availability of corporate resources).

As a System Integrator, N.B. Service can deliver the project in a “turnkey” mode and offers itself as a technological partner.


Network automation can optimize virtualization; the following critical phase of network evolution is to automate switching and routing in a data centre area.

Server virtualization has enabled the user to benefit from a rapid deployment of new applications and increased displacement of the applications between virtual machines and data centres.

Traditional networks were not designed to handle this kind of evolution. The result is poor performance on the application layer.

Switching and routing automation in the data centre eliminates the latency and optimizes application delivery.


Computing environment virtualization enables both cost reduction and interesting improvements in terms of productivity and performance.

The new architectures, based on server virtualization, also involve information systems in their organizational aspect; moreover, they enable the user to take advantage of a rapid deployment of new applications.

The benefits obtained from an evolved approach to provisioning computing capacity are as follows: higher data security, reduced maintenance costs, simplification of business processes and an increase in application availability and continuity.

Infrastructure consolidation

Most companies base their business on infrastructure that, in some cases, is geographically distributed and potentially unsafe, irregular and often difficult and expensive to manage.

Today we are witnessing infrastructure consolidation and, in this context, N.B. Service offers solutions for WAN optimization, real-time monitoring systems and application delivery controllers.