In recent years, the evolution of communication systems has brought to market innovative solutions for communication between business users. The adoption of these technologies has often been difficult due to the complexity and the cost of the projects.

Today, business users are more likely to use new communication tools from the consumer world and, at the same time, collaboration technologies for companies have not only become more affordable, but also have a lower impact.

Thanks to its expertise in VoIP (Voice over IP) Video and CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) technologies, N.B. Service provides effective support in the design and implementation of collaboration technologies.

Voice over IP

The introduction of new protocols within VoIP allows an agile integration between obsolete telephone systems and new SIP/IP devices; thanks to NB Service, the telephone system of a large company can evolve without complicated technical and organizational operations.

Computer Telephony Integration

Adopting pervasive technologies such as Chat and Presence brings a company immediate and substantial benefits in terms of user productivity.

Proprietary solutions must be easily integrated with the tools that you use in everyday life and, for this reason, NB Service has the ability to engage in both user and business CTI projects.


Today’s video-communication technologies allow full interoperability between business and external users. The consolidation of these resources is also achieved with the integration of video conferencing with unified communication software coming from third parties.

NB Service provides a video system that goes from the design of room automation systems to the supply of infrastructure software.