N.B. SERVICE was founded in 1983 with the aim of promoting products and services in networking and data communications. Since then it has offered its customers a wide range of products that starts with cabling infrastructure (copper, fibre, wireless) and includes enterprise network implementations based on Voice, Data and Video.

N.B. SERVICE’s success on the networking and telecommunication markets is the result of a careful trade policy aimed at identifying a customer’s real needs and designing the most technologically advanced and reliable solution.

Flexibility, constant effort and competitiveness, combined with the quality of service, have been our strengths for more than fifteen years. Satisfaction and safeguarding customer investment are always of primary importance.


Customer Oriented:

Customer relationships have always been a central concept in the N.B. Service corporate culture. Since our very first day of operation, the main objective has been customer satisfaction and safeguarding their investment.

Customers have always been considered as real business partners. N.B. Service ensures its full support during the whole business relationship, from needs analysis and implementation up to monitoring and maintenance. NB Service manages the customer IcT infrastructure, ensuring full compliance with the default SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Being “customer-oriented” means acting as a long-term partner, making sure, through internal mechanisms of continuous improvement, that the proposed solutions always match the customer’s real needs. This ensures investment protection over time and the full satisfaction of both parties in the business relationship.

Accomplished professionalism, daily commitment, competitiveness, but mainly passion, are the features that, for thirty years, have been driving the staff in their daily work.

Corporate Mission:

N.B. Service facilitates and promotes business communication (in telecommunications), through the commercialization, deployment and maintenance of technological solutions specifically designed for customers’ needs. Collaboration with the customer leads to the creation of a real partnership, which allows a constant evolution of the transmission infrastructure over time. Furthermore, N.B. Service provides design and strategic consultancy to solve all the possible problems of local and geographical connectivity.

Innovery Group:

In 2020 Innovery, leading company in ITC and specialized in the cybersecurity area, controlled by Wise Equity, acquired 100% of the share capital od N.B. Service. Accelerating its penetration into new markets, it makes use of Innovery’s ability to implement and declinate technological solutions, conveying its offer more effectively to a national and international customer portfolio